October 2015 TBR

In case you didn’t know, there’s this magical place full of lots of fun stuff that you can borrow, take home, enjoy at your leisure, and then return for even more fun. Better yet – it’s all free! What’s this magical place called, you ask?

The library!
This picture belongs to the Casco Public Library in Casco, ME – isn’t it wonderful 🙂
*Angelic voices “ah-ahing” as your eyes drift over row after row of beautifully bound books of all different genres*

My local library offers more than just your typical books, audiobooks, movies, tapes. They also offer board games, video games, and other household tools like odd shaped cake pans, ice cream makers, and [coming soon] power tools! How freaking awesome is that!?

One of my fondest memories of childhood summers was my mom taking my younger siblings and I on frequent visits to the local library. I somehow forgot the joy of reading physical books that I wouldn’t have the money or space to have otherwise. In our attempt to save money for our wedding, I was looking up alternatives to the growing list of books and comics we wanted to buy and the internet spoke – “Free things to do this summer: Go to the library”.

Library week 1

Mid-august we waltzed into the library to sign up for our free cards and check out what there was to offer… we walked out with 7 graphic novels, 2 novels, and 2 movies we had been dying to check out. Admittedly, the first book I checked out has also been the only one that I returned without reading (Vampires, no matter how terrifyingly they’re depicted, just isn’t my thing. Sorry Guillermo Del Toro).

Library week 2

One week later we returned everything except 1 unfinished book (yeah, we read and watched everything else) and left with another 6 graphic novels, 3 books, and 4 movies.

This trend has now continued every Monday evening (and occasionally Friday too) with the added bonus of reserving books, movies, and video games ahead of time (sometimes being put on a crazy long waiting list), knowing where everything is in the library, and updated recommendations from our Goodreads accounts.

Library week 3
September TBR = 7 books & 4 graphic novels + forever-photobombing cat

Having access to all the books and movies that we wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy [legally] otherwise has brought us so much enjoyment. Just in September I read 7 books and 19 graphic novels plus we watched half of all Studio Ghibli films, Edward Scissorhands, Moon, Watchmen, 2.5 seasons of Legend of Korra, and a Tai Chi instructional video (so I could learn how to water bend). I loved not brainlessly watching whatever was on tv and instead spent 2 weeks in a row not turning on the tv at all, spending our evenings emersed in our books. While reading through the memoir I mentioned last post (My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock) I realized the one downside to not owning the book you’re reading – you can’t mark in it and keep notes in the margins. I’m one of those people that prefers buying used books with the hope that the book with have the notes of previous owners. Never fear for OCD note-taker Ariel is here!

As you can see, I have a spot for the books I plan to read (though the list for September was more what I had already accomplished reading), the author(s), when I finished reading them (the number in the left column), my star rating out of 5, and if I have left my review for them yet (GR = Goodreads, B = blog). Below the book list I also have a spot to start writing down favorite quotes, notes to myself and about the book I’m reading (both of which can continue onto the back of the page and so on), and a spot for the shows that I watch starting that month (because Fall shows is where it’s at!). I didn’t start this until I was reading the last 3 books so there’s not very much written down quote/ note-wise.

Also worth noting is that I drew out a few symbols:
  = books that I didn’t care to finish reading
X = graphic novels
^ = books with limited reading time
o = book club book

Now, without further adieu, my October to-be-read pile:

This pile has several more books and less graphic novel than what I actually accomplished last month so I do have a feeling that I won’t make it through everything but that’s okay. There’s one book that I wasn’t planning on reading this month but then I received it as a free ARC (advanced reading copy for review). If I run out of time to read it, that’s totally fine (I’ll just bump it to next month) but if I do have time, you can bet I’ll spend it engrossed in another adventure. I’m still on the wait list for The Martian by Andy Weir, which is apart of one of the book clubs I’m in. I highly doubt I’ll get the hard copy anytime soon (I’m #223 of 248 at the moment) so I’ll probably be borrowing it through my kindle as an eBook.

And here is the book journal page for this month:

Before you say anything – yes, I spelt “quotes” wrong. In my nervous attempt to not mess up using pen, I totally messed up. I realized it right away but instead of tearing out my already listed and decorated page, I decided to just own it. There’s also an additional column on the right side for Amazon review check mark. Also, the book Ready Player One by Ernst Cline is on this month’s list but I decided shortly after writing it down to hold off until November to read it.

Since I have a ridiculously long list of books I hope to read (and it grows faster than I can read), I had the idea to make choosing the next book to read based on monthly themes. So, being October, my attempted theme was scary/ thriller. A few of the books obviously don’t fit that category due to me checking them out before thinking it all the way through but I do hope to complete this list. Future months won’t have quite as long a list since I’m also trying to find a balance for all my hobbies (I’m calling it the 30-minute plan – I’ll maybe write something up about that at a later time).

Categories for the next few months and a few books I’ve already chosen:

If you have suggestions for themes or book recommendations, please let me know in the comments below. Or maybe we can start a book group on Goodreads? Any interest?

I wanted to use categories instead of a TBR jar like I’ve seen many do is because I knew that I would end up pulling out a book that I want to read eventually, only to go to the library and spend hours deciding if I actually wanted to read that book or another. This way, I decide what category the book would fit into and I can look forward to picking it up when the time comes. Organization makes my heart happy 🙂

Depending on how quickly I make it through each book, I plan on posting my review on Goodreads, Amazon, and here (I promise no more than 1 book review related post per week). I’m also considering reviewing movies and games but we’ll see what happens with the books first.

Let me know your thoughts. What book(s) are you hoping to pick up this month? Any good book/ movie/ game recommendations for future months? Keep an eye out for a crafty related post and my book reviews. I started reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler last night and I’m hoping to have it complete by Friday night. Until next time lovelies I’ll leave you with my photo bombing cat #2.

Live long and prosper!

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