Zombie Reads & Views

Look at us! Being all consistent and such. Today it’s going to be all about Halloween scares! 

When it comes to scary things, I can be a bit of a wuss. Real life scares like stalkers and murderers are fine things to be afraid of. I get my fix of those from Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU. Of course there’s also medical scares like disease, cancer, and death. Unfortunately, I don’t have to go to the internet or tv for those sorts of things (though I am loving the new show Code: Black). 

Then there are the more paranormal things that make up the bulk of Halloween movies: Monsters, demons, ghosts, and zombies. Demons and ghosts, though I’m not sure if I believe in them, terrify me. Like, close my eyes, cover my face, cry a little, and squeeze the crap out of J’s hand/arm/leg (whatever he foolishly lets me hold when watching a scary movie) kind of scared. 

Okay, side note: J and I have an unspoken agreement that I only watch a handful of scary movies a year because I have a death grip. He always lets me hold on and hide behind him (because those things can escape from the tv, dontcha know) when the need arises. He’s pretty good at knowing when something is going to jump out and activate my I’m-going-to-die-reflex (except those times, in the middle of the night, I think I see something. I mean, come on, why can’t he just unconsciously know that the shadow created by the closet door totally looks like a tall man holding a knife about to kill us…) and he prepares accordingly… Though if a movie is too scary, he asks first if I want to turn it off then tells me I can’t hold his hand and gives me a cat or a blanket to latch onto *No cats were harmed in the watching of scary movies*

Demon/ possessed children are the most terrifying for me. For example, I’ve watched Pet Sematary a fair number of times but if its dark outside, I have to turn the movie off when it gets to Gage. Sorry kid, you’re too good of a little actor and you freak me out. 

Of all the things that scare me though, zombies are not one of them. In fact, some of my favorite nightmares are when zombies suddenly show up and I get to go all Michonne-ninja on their asses and chop off their heads with random scrap metal or with my own katana or, one time, a Back To The Future hover board (true story). 

I love how different people imagine the zombie apocalypse and how they portray that in their writing and artistry. Some take on the task of describing the onset of the apocalypse while others pick it up years later, when people are coping with how to survive. Plus, there are different kinds of zombies: There are the slow walkers or roamers that slowly drag themselves towards a sound while moaning. Or the runners that you have no chance of escaping (okay, they’re a little scary). Or how about the ones that have some intelligence and are seeking revenge. Oh! Or the ones that have super hearing and really react to it, chasing it down, digging into the ground, destroying windows to get to whatever dared make the sound. 

In all cases, the way to kill/ stop a zombie is to kill the brain. Isn’t that interesting? That when it comes to things to keep us up at night, the way to stop it is through the brain. When you consider vital organs, do you even consider the very thing making the list? When it comes to the paranormal its the often times the soul that remains, right? So in the end, the things that we value and fear are the soul and the brain of an individual. Interesting, huh? 

So, since I love zombies I thought I would share with you some of my favorites. I have compiled a short list of media that are all about zombies. For the books, you can get them from your local library and the tv shows and movies are all offered on Netflix. Can’t decide how to theme your Halloween party – you’re welcome! Zombie themed of course. In fact, just for you, I’ll also include a few links to zombie themed food and activities. Here you go:


World War Z by Max Brooks – Written in the form of interviews done around the world, Max Brooks takes us on an investigative journey on when the war with the Zs began, how the world reacted, and how we finally pushed back the Z horde and fought our way back to living.

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks – Are you unprepared for the oncoming Zs? Have no fear! Stop by your local library now (or if the Zs have already attacked just bust into your local book store) and grab a copy. Max Brooks prepares us with tips on attire, weapons, keeping your own head, and anything else you may need to know to stay alive during the war with the Zs. 

Feast of Weeds series by Jamie Thornton – If you prefer the young adult category of books, than this is for you. This series follows a teenage runaway who is living on the streets when the zombie outbreak first occurs. The first book (Germination) is a 92-page novella so if you’re not sure about it, I encourage you to just try it out. Then if you like it, grab the other two books. The fourth in the series is set to be coming out soon!

Note: I received the first 3 books of the series for free by being apart of the author’s launch team and just recently won a giveaway to have a hard, signed copy, of the 3rd book. I’m including this series in my zombie-must-list because I actually enjoyed the books, not just because I received some free stuff.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austin – Perhaps you have a more refined taste when it comes to books. Doesn’t everyone love when a beloved tale is overtaken by the zombie horde? Seth Grahame-Smith does a marvelous job at incorporating zombie attacks into the life of Elizabeth who is quickly distracted by the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy. The original tale is all there, just insert zombies and you have a whole new story. What I’m saying is, if you’re embarrassed to say you read this before the original, don’t worry because its all there and you can still sound sophisticated by quoting it. Oh! BTW: I hear they’re coming out with a movie soon so here’s the trailer for that.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman – If you prefer something with a few more pictures, then this is for you. Even if you’ve kept up with the show, I encourage you to read this. Many of the characters we all know and love are there (not Daryl, sorry ladies who scream sexism at every turn but salivate at the sight of a rebel in an unnecessary leather vest) but are not necessarily portrayed the same way. The comic and the show took a turn a season or two back so you won’t even be spoiling the show for yourself in reading the comic.

TV Shows:

The Walking Dead (AMC) – Reading words too much for you? (I guess not if you made it this far) As a tv show, The Walking Dead is one of the highest rated tv shows right now. All the seasons are up on Netflix right now so spend your Halloween weekend binge watching Rick and his crew try to find some semblance of the past. This Sunday is episode 3 of the newest season so, don’t worry, you’re not that far behind.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) – Okay, I didn’t actually care too much for this one but a lot of people did so here it is. I didn’t like it because it went against the whole point of Robert Kirkman writing the Walking Dead. That is, TWD gives us a look into the “what now?” that we’re always left with at the end of the typical zombie flick. It starts off with Rick in the hospital waking up from a coma after the initial onset of the walkers and continues into the lives of those who have to survive day to day. Fear the Walking Dead (and that new show about the flight) are what TWD isn’t, how people respond at the initial onset. Jeez people! Anyway, its a fine story line with your drama and zombies. The series started out as a mini-series but because people loved it so much, I hear they’re bringing it back as their own series. I even think they threw more money at Chris Hardwick to host an after show like he does with The Talking Dead.

Z Nation (SyFy) – Currently only on their second season, Z Nation starts off giving a comedic feel to TWD. Stick with it! Eventually, the writers find their story line with Murphy being the key to saving the world. If you’re looking for something with zombies, feels, and laughs then this is the show for you. In my internet search for zombie shows, this wasn’t on any of them but I think it definitely deserves mentioning! As with many SyFy movies, it has that B-flick feel to it which, I think, makes it that much better. Seriously, give it a try!

There are a lot of movies I could mention here like Shaun of the Dead but I’ll just mention my personal favorites.

Dead Snow (2009; R) – What happens when a ski vacation becomes a fight for your lives against nazi zombies? I started watching this a few years back and didn’t make it past the first few minutes when I realized its mostly in Norwegian (there are subtitles) but when J and I decided to give it another go, we were not disappointed. These zombies do have some intelligence so watch out as a group of medical students utterly fails at fighting their way out of their snow oasis against a group of dead nazis stranded in Norway. Yeah, its that great!

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (2014; R) – If the first film wasn’t enough, they made another one! The second one is just as gruesome and just as funny. Again, they speak a lot of German and Norwegian but there is some English in there and there’s always subtitles. Here’s a one sentence summary from IMDB: If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you’d have to assume that things couldn’t get much worse. In Martin’s case, that was only the beginning. You wanna watch it now, huh? 

Yes, that is a zombie sitting in a tank

Zombies vs Cockneys (2012; NR) – Are you concerned that your gram or granddad can’t make it when the zombie virus breaks out? You needn’t worry! A group of young bank robbers, attempting to find the funds to support their dear ones, find themselves fighting off the undead to rescue their elderly family. I apparently have a thing for zombie killing and comedy because just like the first two movies, this one has plenty of laughs to keep you hooked throughout the entire film.

World War Z (2013; PG-13) – Okay, so laughing isn’t your thing. Zs are serious business, after all. Now, I don’t think the movie and the book can even be compared since nearly the only thing they have in common is their title. In WWZ Brad Pit takes on the task of finding patient zero while the rest of the world is just trying not to be attacked by some of the fastest zombies you’ve ever seen. Not only does he find patient zero but he may just have a solution to finally be able to fight back. 

Cabin in the Woods (2012; R) – Another group of friends going off into the middle of nowhere to enjoy a relaxing vacation when suddenly things take a turn towards the dead. Written by Joss Whedon (you know, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers – that Joss) this movie does not disappoint. It’s been described as hilarious, dark, and bloody so you know it has to be good. When I watched it I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to take it seriously or not but I think that’s kind of the point.

For more Zombie flicks check out the list made my Zombie Research Society which has a full list of what is offered on Netflix and their own ratings. Also, there are a lot more zombie themed everythings but I just wanted to list a few of my favorites here to get you started. I mean, there are so many hours in a day so I didn’t want to overwhelm you with how far you are behind on preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, as promised, some zombie themed party ideas. I had originally decided to go through and list a few links but there was so many good ideas out there. I just decided to make a pinterest board. Some of the ideas would also work well for a medical themed get together or perhaps a discussion on the brain. Either way, you’ll find lots of food and drink ideas along with some decorations and activities to keep your guests busy through the night. Now I kind of wish I had researched for this post earlier so we could’ve thrown a sweet party. Oh well, zombie movie night date will have to do for this year.

Thanks for joining me on this little undead adventure. In the comments below, let me know what you’re doing for Halloween or what you’re favorite zombie read/ watch is. J and I have a tradition of getting pumpkin smoothies (though we may make them this year) and driving around to ooh and aww at the kiddos in their costumes (in the least creepy sense as possible). Oh! Also, don’t forget that I opened up an etsy shop so I need some name suggestions! What are some handmade things you would want to purchase? Maybe check a few things off your Christmas gift list. I aim to please 🙂

As always you can follow me on InstagramPinterest, Twitter, Goodreads , and/or LibraryThing. Join me on Saturday as I wrap up the books I read and tv shows/ movies I watched this last month. And on Sunday when I make a game plan for the month of November. Until then my zombie-fighting team, live long, aim for the head, and prosper!


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