October 2015 Wrap-up

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Do you guys have any fun plans for tonight. Remember, fun doesn’t necessarily mean partying with a rowdy crowd or getting dressed up even. If you’re like me, tonight’s fun is going go be filled with baking, zombie flicks, and driving around with pumpkin milkshakes to admire cute kids (in the most uncreepy way possible; milkshakes are for us not the kids).

Its that time of the month again when I admit to some failures and totally toot my own horn for some accomplishments. No, I’m not talking about the always ill-timed Aunt Flow. I’m talking about my an actual list of books, comics, and other media that I enjoyed and the few things that I didn’t quite get to. I’m not going to give a full review on everything but rather have a honorable mention from each category. Then, later in the month, I may revisit a few that I especially enjoyed.

First up on the October 2015 tour is books and graphic novels (if you are interested in reading my full review on each, check that out on Goodreads, LibraryThing, and/or Amazon):


Yes Please by Amy Poehler – ★★★★☆
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas –★★★★★
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman –★★★★☆
The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle –★★★☆☆
World War Z by Max Brooks –★★★★☆

You by Caroline Kepnes –★★★★☆ Featured on Stephen King’s own “11 books that scared” him list, this one will frighten you in ways you didn’t think possible. When a young, beautiful girl stops into a little bookstore and meets Joe for the first time, she doesn’t know that he will soon become her stalker and later devoted boyfriend. This book is entirely from Joe’s point of view, confusing you into thinking that his actions are totally valid and that he should win Beck over. This isn’t the type of book that will keep you up at night or have you jumping out of your seat when someone sneaks up on you. It will however have you questioning the guy you pass on the street, “Didn’t I see him at the grocery store yesterday?” or that friendship that was too perfect too fast. I was hooked till the end of this book and I can’t wait for the next one (and it feels so wrong to say that) coming out next year.

Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender –★★★☆☆
The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks –★★★★☆

Graphic novels:

Dr. Horrible by Zack Whedon –★★★★☆
Lumberjanes vol. 1 by Noelle Stevenson –★★★★☆
Walking Dead vol.23 by Robert Kirkman –★★★★☆
Flight vol. 1 –★★★★☆
Flight vol. 2 –★★★★☆
Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago, vol.1 – ★★★☆☆
Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic, vol. 1 – ★★★☆☆

Fables book 1 by Bill Willingham –★★★★☆ When I initially picked up this graphic novel, I wasn’t certain that I would enjoy it. If you’re a fan of the tv show Once Upon a Time, then you will definitely like this. What would happen if the fairy tales that we all know and love were kicked out of their kingdoms? Where would the non-human characters live to avoid questions and how would they feel about being hidden from the world? This comic explores it all and is certainly no children’s tale. It was great fun to include this in my October reads and I have the remainder of the series planned on my November and December TBR lists.

The Lovecraft Anthology, vol.1 ed by Dan Lockwood –★★★★☆
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson –★★★★☆

Yes, I spelled “quotes” wrong

I know you’re impressed with all my fancy boxes and stars and such. I’ve been practicing my html skills. That totally counts towards my 24 by 25 item of learning a programming language right? This was also my first full month of using my book journal so here are a few pages from that:

If you look close enough at my written list you’ll notice that I didn’t make it through all the books I intended to, rescheduling some and just crossing others off. In the case of The Martian, for example, I’m on a crazy long wait list at the library (currently #124 of 238). In the case of others, I kept skipping over them to read a more themed book (October = scary) so they got moved to their own themed months. Also, as I got more books, I ran out of room so (not shown) I had to add a small section to the back of the previous page to include those books.

This was my favorite page mainly because I doodled the badges from Lumberjanes, I started working in more than just books, and I added little embellishments to make the titles stick out more. Feel free to read over my notes but don’t expect college level notes. I’m reading for fun after all and when I jot down notes, its in a hurry so I can move on to the next page of the book.

Here’s what the majority of the pages looked like this month – just lots of words. I read along with 2 book clubs this month through Goodreads so for those books (Accident Season in the picture) I took extra notes along with the discussion topics so that I could join in on the weekly/ monthly chats.

As I made my way through the month, I thought I would also go ahead and give my opinion, which you obviously value so much, on some new tv shows, games that I’ve tried out, and movies I watched. I’ll keep them on the same 5 star scale and for each category, as before, I’ll have an honorable mention.


Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)★★☆☆☆

Code: Black (CBS)★★★★☆ This month kicked off this shows first season with its name originating from the code given when there is an overflow of patients in the ER and doctors have to triage (tend to the most needed cases first as opposed to first-come-first-serve). We didn’t have any plans to watch it but since it comes on just after Criminal Minds, we were still wide awake, and have each entertained the idea of becoming a doctor at some point, we figured “why not?” As with any medical drama show you’re going to have the typical scenario of “we don’t know what’s happening” and then they miraculously figure it out at the end (J compares it closely with House M.D.). To me there seems to be a greater emphasis on the medical side of things and less on the drama aspect (thought that is changing as the season progresses) which I like a lot. Granted I have never worked in a ER but I have been to one my fair share of times. My experiences have never been like they are in the show (don’t worry, in the majority of times I’ve been to the ER I was the caring friend or underpaid group-home staff member) but for whatever reason, that’s totally okay (that and the hospital they are depicting is the one that hits code:black are crazy number of times a year). If any of this sounded interesting to you, I encourage you to watch the show and let me know what you think.

American Horror Story: Hotel (FX)★★★☆☆

No new games (worth mentioning) tried this month

Oculus (2013; R)★★★★☆ I wanted to start the month out with a scary flick but not so scary that I would be kept up at night. Success! Oculus is a psychological thriller in which a mirror that is possessed by a dark force kills its owner by playing mind games with them. Two children who’s father had the mirror when they were children attempt to defeat the mirror with an elaborate plan but how can you fight against something that can control what you perceive? The psychological aspect of this movie was especially interesting to me so if you’re looking for a scary movie to watch on this Halloween night (and zombies just isn’t your thing), I have the perfect movie for you.

Rosewater (2014; R)★★★★☆

Human Centipede (2009; R) ☆☆☆☆☆ Just no. This is not an honorable anything. I watched this out of morbid curiosity after it was mentioned in Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please. DO NOT WATCH. I seriously wanted to vomit the entire time. Here’s the gist – a crazy doctor who is renowned for seperating conjoined infants gets it in his head to reverse the proceeder. He sews the mouth of one person to the butt hole of another person, and that person’s mouth to the butt hole of another. So… a human centipede. It’s as gross, if not more than, how it sounds. I hope this description fulfilled any desire you may have had in watching it… excuse me while I go vomit at just the memory of it.

Up On Poppy Hill (2011; PG)★★★★☆
Castle in the Sky (1986; PG)★★★★☆
Tales from Earthsea (2006; PG-13)★★★☆☆
The Wind Rises (2013; PG-13)★★★☆☆
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013; PG)★★★★☆
The Lazarus Effect (2015; PG-13)★★☆☆☆

You’ll be impressed to hear that I accomplished more than just sitting on my patooty reading and watching tv. I finished three swaps, repaired a number clothing items (like the ripped out pocket from my favorite pair of sweatpants), and finally began quilting on my Christmas quilt (Im’ hoping to have it completely finished by the end of this next week). I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m so glad that I finally pushed my nerves aside and did it. I’d still like to improve my quilting skills but at some point I’m going to need to get my sewing machine fixed and/or send my quilts off to a professional quilter (because there’s no way I can afford one of those giant fancy quilting machines).

I had hoped that this would be the month that I would at least get an interview but alas GOT A JOB! No joke. By Thursday evening I had this all typed up and ready to be posted today but also on Thursday I applied to a few more jobs then watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soon after the movie finished I had a call from one of the jobs I had just applied for, asking if I wanted to come in for an interview the next morning (Friday morning) – Uh duh! So yesterday morning I dressed for the job (like dressed as if I was going to start that day and I had already been to the store enough to know what their dress code was), got there 30 minutes early, answered questions with honesty, and gently pet some yarn and fabric for good luck on my way out the door (I’m totally serious)

I got home at 10:33am. Called J, paced around the house like a maniac because I thought for sure I hadn’t gotten the job. I’m not tooting my own horn here but I was way overqualified for the job so much so that I avoided bringing up that I graduated college. I was nervous I wouldn’t get the job and the older lady who arrived in sweat pants would (I could write a book on the three other people I interviewed with). I texted my mom to try and elevate some stress and when I heard my communicator chime (because I am trekkie through and through), I rushed to see not my mother’s response but an email that started out, “Congratulations on your job offer…” WHAT?! 10:57am I received an email from Joann’s saying they were offering me the job and I just needed to go ahead and accept it (Commence victory dancing/ prancing around the house shaking my butt at the cats sleepy faces).

Yup, so you’re reading the blog of a mid-twenties, 2-bachelor degrees girl who cried when she heard she finally got a job making minimum wage in a retail setting during the holiday rush. My official position: Seasonal Team Member at my local Joann Fabric and Craft Store. Depending on when my background check goes through (because I totally killed, like, 10 people) I start on Wednesday. Yeah, less than a week from applying I finally have a job. What’s crazy is my interview to job offer ratio remains undefeated. For every job I have ever interviewed for, I have been offered a job. See, if only that dream job out there would offer me an interview they would see how awesome I am. With my new craft store retail position I now have a little extra time to look for that dream job, finally start buying things for my wedding, and begin paying off those school loans for the degrees that make me overqualified to make minimum wage but under qualified to get a job to afford those dang loans…

I’m going to continue some of my home-based work as a freelance transcriptionist and, now, etsy shop owner. I was given the amazing opportunity to do research alongside my favorite professor so I am actively working on that. So I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how you can possibly be apart of that. The last week or so I have also been contacted by a few publishers and authors asking that I review their books. Psh, a free book for an honest review?! Count me in! I’ll always let you know when I’m reviewing a book I’ve received for free but I will also promise to always give an honest review.

Hop on back over here tomorrow to hear about all the exciting plans I have for November and starting Monday I’m amping up the consistency with M-W-F posts about crafting, books, and everything else (don’t worry, they won’t all be so long winded). In the comments below, let me know what sort of things you would want to read about. In the posts that you’ve read so far what things do you particularly enjoy and what things could I tone down a bit?

As always, you can follow me on Instagram @trekkiechick29 or Pinterest @TrekkerChick29 or Twitter @AimeXAime and check out my newly opened etsy shop. Until tomorrow my super supportive peeps, live long, don’t eat too much candy tonight, and prosper!


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