December 2015 Bullet Journal


This month marks my first official month in a fully blank bullet journal. At first the switch was intimidating but now that I’ve found what works for me, I love opening it up every time. Without further ado, my process of finding the spreads that worked for me.



My original plan was to have a layout that allowed for future planning and broke down each day so I could visually see how busy I would be. Originally I thought I would like the main layout to include a blog, expense, and meal plan. Finally, I wanted a division of the weeks since my work schedule is based on a Sunday-Saturday week layout.

As you can see, though, if this was the size of journal I was going with for 2016 (which is the plan), there wasn’t enough space for all those things. I readdressed what I actually needed: the expense column was mainly so that I wouldn’t forget bill due dates but that will be moved to a yearly layout at the start of the year. For the blog column, I often move posting dates for particular topics around a lot so I decided a list of ideas would be more helpful than just writing down the title. My finished piece for the month:


I also added a piece of washi tape to the curved corner that helps a lot in being able to flip right to the page I want. I think this is one of many things I’ll keep when I transfer to my 2016 BuJo – a different colored washi tape for each month.

Monthly trackers:

Following the monthly layout (which is working great!) is my habit tracker, monthly goals/ brain dump, and challenges pages. Rough draft to final product were very similar but there were a few changes worth noting:

For the final product I cleaned up the habits page, broke down my goals and my brain dump (things I hope to accomplish vs things that have to get done), cleaned up my challenge page, and left out the daily doodle (I may add it back in for later months that aren’t quite so busy):

I really value my habit page because it helps me keep up with the habits I’m working on (such as eating every meal – I apparently miss lunch a lot), gives me an idea of how often certain things need done/ are done, and gives me the added sense of accomplishment when I do things on days I don’t need to (like waking up early or going to bed early).

Daily/ Weekly:

Finally, my daily and weekly layouts. I originally had it in mind to go about my tasks with dailies:

As you can see, a lot of tasks migrated meaning a lot of space taken up and a lot of stress at not being able to complete everything. It also meant more pages to flip through and overall disorganization. When I was readjusting my monthly layout, J suggested a weekly layout where I could track those things that I left out before (one of the many reasons I keep him around). Two weeks in and I’m loving the weekly layout:

I still break down tasks by dailies but if I don’t finish everything, they’re right there for me to pick up again the next day (so when they’re crossed off it doesn’t necessarily it was finished that day). I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and it seems like I get more done with less stress. Plus, I have room for my stickers and pretty magazine page rip-outs.

Bonus pages:

Finally, as a little bonus, I’ve been adding a few pages to the back of my BuJo that I either didn’t plan out or intended for somewhere else but I definitely find useful now where they are – A blog and Etsy planning and idea page (you’re getting the inside look of whats ahead!):


And a receiving (swaps, giveaways, etc.) and books I’ve received for review page (with all those books you know there’s some great bookish posts for the future):


I do also have a few pages for things that I’m shipping out but since they include personal information (cost, addresses, names, etc.) I’m not going to include an image here.

And there you have it – an inside look at my madness. I’m so stoked for everything that I have planned and for what 2016 has planned for me. There are so many exciting things and I hope you’ll join me so we can experience it all together. Let me know in the comments what bonus pages you find helpful in your own organizing and planning journey.

As always you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, Flikr, and Tumblr. Also, get on over to my etsy shop for my newest pattern and a few other goodies. Until next time my bujo loving readers, live long, get busy (with planning and crafting), and prosper!


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