Christmas Crafting

Hello and happy Monday! I know I disappeared from blogging for a smidgen but it was the holidays and I was with family so you’ll have to forgive me. I am finally able to say that I have caught up with everything that needed done once I got home from visiting family and I am ready to kick off the new year. Since today is devoted to craftiness, I thought I would share with you a few of the fun things that I made for my family members this Christmas. I didn’t take hardly any pictures of the majority of things I made (I’m always worried that if I take pictures while making something I’ll be too tempted to share it and ruin the surprise) but I’ll share what I have:

I made two zip-up fleece sweaters, one for J (blue) and one for a brother (heather grey).

For my sister and mom I made each of them a few fun car accessories including a steering wheel cover, garbage bag, and seat belt covers. My mom also requested that I make her a stiff envelope to keep her coupons and/ or receipts.

I started tried taking pictures as I went along but the poor lighting in my craft room de-motivated me and I completed most everything without taking pictures of the finished product. Take my word for it, they were pretty fun looking. Also not pictured is a pajama shirt I made for my mom and a camping kit I made for one of my brothers.

Finally, the project that took me the longest and the piece I was most proud of this gifting season, was a photography inspired quilt I made for my father (Pattern by Alexandra Wilson from her book Quilt Lab).


This thing was a monster to quilt since I used super thick batting, forcing me to quilt it on the floor. Here’s a quick little slideshow of the making of this quilt:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always, I saw areas that I could have improved on but all in all I’m happy with the result. It was also my first time sewing full circles so that was an adventure of its own.


And there you have it, my crafty Christmas giving (I did gift non-handmade items as well but those aren’t as fun for me to share about). What fun things did you gift this year? Try to tackle anything big and it didn’t quite come out how you hoped (been there more times than I can count)? Let me know in the comments below!

Join me Wednesday for some good (and not so good) reads to kick off your new year and Friday for my review of the Jingle Vox Box. As always you can subscribe here (I suggest the weekly emails) or you can follow me on Bloglovin’Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, Flikr, and Tumblr. Also, get on over to my etsy shop for my pattern and a few other goodies. Until next time my crafty readers, live long, stay motivated, and prosper!


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