Book review: Always Watching

AlwaysWatchingAlways Watching (Elite Guardians book #1) by Lynette Eason

★★★☆☆ – 3 stars out of 5

A female-only elite body guard agency is assigned to a high profile radio talk show personality and psychiatrist after it becomes apparent that he has a stalker willing to do anything to get his attention. Wade struggles to sit by while this stalker takes control of his life, terrifying his anxiety ridden daughter, and making him question his every move. With that combo you have a thrill of a read full of intrigue around every corner, a dash of romance, and a struggle to find God in it all.

“You have to get to know God on a very intimate level in order to have the kind of faith that will withstand the storms life throws at you. It’s a good thing that we only have to have the amount of a mustard seed. Sometimes that’s about all I can find. You won’t find even that much, though, if you treat him as the enemy or simply a passing acquaintance.”

I’m always in the mood for another thrilling read so when I had the chance to pick up this one, I couldn’t wait to get started. The author does a fantastic job at pulling the reader in, leaving you questioning who this stalker (or stalkers?) is till the very end. While it seems that there would be an emphasis on the stereotype breaking body guard, I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t. That is, it wasn’t all about how a woman shouldn’t be in that line of work because she’s weak, just that it was a different experience. Just when you think the stalker has taken it as far as it will go and they can’t possibly take it any more extreme, you jump in hopes of saving the characters.

However, with all that said, I didn’t rate it higher than a 3 star because there were significant points that dragged the rating down. This book is published by a Christian-based publishing group and while I didn’t expect or require that the book be apparent in this way, the way that it was used seemed out of place and forced. As if the author went back once the story was finished and added in enough “God talk” to satisfy some standard. A second point which brought my rating down was that there was an emphasis on the male lead character being a psychiatrist and the female lead taking her role as body guard seriously but their interactions seemed so unprofessional, sacrificing it for the romantic intrigue in the story.

With a base line rating, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book but I wouldn’t recommend against it either. It was overall an enjoyable and quick read but not one that I’ll be keeping on my shelf. This book is most likely best fit for a the casual Christian reader.

Please note: I received this book for free from Revell Reads, a branch of Baker Publishing Group, in return for my honest review. All words and opinions expressed are my own.


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