Book Review: Boyfriend Glasses

26814086Boyfriend Glasses by Livia Harper

★★★★☆ – 4 out of 5 stars

When Greta first lays eyes on Blake Abbott, she realizes she never understood true love before that very moment. Just a freshman at a new school, Greta must learn to redefine herself to escape the person she was in high school. After all, she must not have truly loved Johnny because he was nothing like Blake. But when her roommate, Amber, gets in the way of this predestined love, she must stay in control to show Blake that she is still devoted. This psychological thriller has you on edge until the very end.

First, it was a rather quick read but, then again, I couldn’t put it down. It was well written and put you right there in all the action. There is a quick pace to the writing that I wasn’t sure about at first but it worked really well with the overall flow of the story. Just when you start rooting for Greta to win over Blake, Harper takes a step back giving the reader a look into Greta’s past, reminding you why you shouldn’t be on her side. There were definitely some aspects that were predictable but I never would’ve guessed what happened towards the end. Harper gives you just enough information to keep you wondering where the story will go next and what lengths Greta will go to to win over her “true love.” A truly gripping read and I greatly look forward to reading the next in the serious.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books of this genre (psychological thriller) such as You by Caroline Kepnes. Others have recommended this book to people who also enjoyed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn but I have not yet had the chance to read it so, maybe?

Please note: I received this book as part of a LibraryThing Member giveaway in return for my honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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