I got married on Saturday evening to my best friend. It still seems so surreal because though nothing but my name has changed, I feel lighter somehow. Our wedding was beautiful and everything we ever hoped for. After the excitement of saying our vows, we felt relaxed because we were somewhere we both loved – my grandfather’s farm. I can’t seem to say thank you enough to my family and our wedding party who were such an amazing help through it all. I did my best not to stress or be too picky but even when I was anxious or had a odd request, they went above and beyond to see it happen. Seriously, best day ever!


I’m finally writing again to keep friends, family, and anyone else interested in our journey up to date on our travels through Ireland.


Only carryons but all the flights were so full we got the suitcases checked for free!

The hope is to post a few pictures and a walkthrough of our day each night but, having never been to Ireland and not actually staying in hotels (Air BnBs all the way), I can’t gaurentee anything. Maybe I’ll try to get Jer to write something too!


Goodbye PDX

We’ve made it to our final US location (45 minute layover in Phoenix, 1 hour layover in Philly) before departing for the beautiful country of Wilde and Yeats, a land full of history, covered in quiet countryside, dramatic views, bog lands and quaint towns (or so I imagine).

The highlights of day 1 that I can’t wait to experience and tell you all about are brunch in Ennis, the Cliffs of Moher, Dungaire Castle, and our pub hopping in Galway. Stay tuned!


The Jensens


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