Day 3: Heading north

Hello again! My initial inclination is to apologize for not posting but, here’s the truth – I’m not sorry. I’m exploring Ireland with my new husband (!) and, at the end of the day, we are exhausted. We’ve been averaging 8-10 miles walked a day and most of it is not flat ground (in a coming post you’ll see – we got in 10 miles and an equivalent of 75 flights of stairs). So, with a full nights rest and a quiet morning, I bring you news from day 3 of our honeymoon:

Our last morning in Galway – it felt like saying good bye to an old friend only we’ve just met. Again, we walked to the city centre to let our nose and eyes be our guide for finding a breakfast spot.

After some wandering, we landed on a little tucked away cafe called An Pota where we shared the most delicious breakfast either of us has ever had. A traditional crepe (lemon) and scrabbled eggs with smoked salmon (with tea, of course). I could bore you with the details of our meal but even on the morning of day 8 we dream of another meal to match it.

With a checkout time of 10:30, we hurried back to our B&B to clean up our stuff and head out. Being our last day in Galway, we finally remembered to stop by the cathedral and were not disappointed. [more pictures to come when we have a better internet connection]

A service was starting at 11:30 so we took our final photos and exited quietly. Now, a lot of people told me we would be bored of all the castles but I must say 1. I don’t know how I could ever get bored from the sights here and 2. We have seen a lot more cathedrals/ churches and open spaces than any castles.

Traveling north, we came to one of the must sees on the road trip list – Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. These passage tombs date back thousands of years so little is known to the reason why they are built as they are. 1 giant passage tomb sits in the center with smaller chamber tombs circling it and smaller boulders and rocks (30 around each) circle those, all opening facing the center tomb. High on a hill to the north west sites another larger tomb thought to house the remains of warrior Queen Maeve!

Its crazy to think that in the US we ooh and aww over headstones dated late 1800s but these tombs date in the BCs. It also leads me to wonder what from our time will remain even a few hundred years from now. For our wedding, we attempted to be as zero waste as possible because I worry that our garbage is the only thing we make to last. Jeremy has joked a few times on this trip that everywhere we go seems a step behind modern but I would argue they are a step ahead – everywhere we go they avoid plastic. Even at the grocery store they encourage (as in, it costs to use a plastic bag or they simply don’t have any) you bring your own bag or use a box, which is something I’ve only seen at Costco. Our garbage bag and plastics section is an entire aisle whereas we couldn’t even find ziploc baggies and their plastics took up a rather small section of shelving. We rarely see any garbage on the ground here and everywhere we go there is always a compost, recycle, and garbage bins.

Okay, enough of the preachy-ness. We had hoped to end our day with Slieve League but long before sunset it was dark and foggy so we opted for a quiet dinner in a cozy village and an early bed time. Again, the food delicious and we even splurged and shared a slice of orange sponge cake (YUM!). With all this talk of food, I do want to note that after our first meal, Jer and I have been sharing plates rather then each ordering something as we have found that it ends up being plenty of food for the two of us and nothing goes to waste.

Well, that’s it for today. We are so enjoying our trip and even with over half of it remaining, we’re already sad to have to say good bye.

Until next time!

The Jensens


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