Christmas Crafting

Hello and happy Monday! I know I disappeared from blogging for a smidgen but it was the holidays and I was with family so you’ll have to forgive me. I am finally able to say that I have caught up with everything that needed done once I got home from visiting family and I am ready to kick off the new year. Since today is devoted to craftiness, I thought I would share with you a few of the fun things that I made for my family members this Christmas. I didn’t take hardly any pictures of the majority of things I made (I’m always worried that if I take pictures while making something I’ll be too tempted to share it and ruin the surprise) but I’ll share what I have:

I made two zip-up fleece sweaters, one for J (blue) and one for a brother (heather grey).

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Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Hello, if this is your first time to my blog – WELCOME! And if you’ve been around a few times – Thank you for your continued support!

I’ll keep this short since there’s so many wonderful giveaways to enter today! Today I am giving away, to 5 lucky people, the pattern for my newly released Tangled inspired castle paper pieced! If you can’t wait till the end of the giveaway and decide to buy it (HERE! and use coupon code “SewMamaSew” for 20% off) and you happen to win, I will refund your pattern purchase. This giveaway is open internationally (but please keep in mind that you are responsible for following contest laws in your country) and welcome to all.

Just click the picture below to be taken to the Rafflecopter

Giveway photo

Winners will be notified through email within 24 hours of the end of the giveaway (December 13, 2016 6pm PST) and announced the following Wednesday right here.

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P.S. I always try to respond to comments, but may not be able to on the giveaway post due to the high number of comments.  Please know I appreciate your visit oh-so-much and hope you follow and/or come back again soon!

Tangled pattern release!

I’m finally taking the plunge and releasing my Tangled mini quilt pattern (go boldly or go home, right?)! I am so excited to set it free and share it with the world. It is my first pattern and, when I made it, I hadn’t intended anyone else to ever use it. However, it worked out better than I imagined and so many kind people in the crafty community expressed interest how could I say no?

2015-06-04 14.50.33

Purchase by clicking -> HERE

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November crafts

Oh hey, I know I sort of dropped off the end of the world there. To sum it all up: I get headaches on a daily basis but, thankfully, my doctor has helped me be proactive about it so I take medicine for it nightly. However, if I’ve had an especially stressful day or I try to use my eyes too much (staring at a backlit screen, reading for long periods or small font, or staring intently at something/ cross stitch) the headache turns into a full blown migraine. With Thanksgiving, black friday, and some family issues (don’t you dare start to assume to know what I’m talking about; you know who you are and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then don’t worry about it) all building up, I wasn’t able to sit down and write up blog posts or edit photos until now. I’m sorry but I’m back and moving forward.

So, not a lot of words today, just some fun pictures of what I’ve been crafting. Leading up to Christmas my crafty photos will be a bit vague since the crafts are mostly presents but afterwards I’ll be sure to share with you the finished products.

First up, the fun stuff I made for the Star Wars Swap. See the completed package on the swap page.

1-Hour baskets and headbands

And for my final swap for the foreseeable future, the Mermaid themed craft swap. Again, you can see the full swap package (and what I received) on the swap page.

A 1-Hour basket based off my partners mermaid colors and a fun scarf

Once I made the first 1-Hour basket I just wanted to make more. The pattern is free and I think it would be a great scrap buster to make them all quilty. Yup, that’s definitely going to happen. If you too want to know what all the fuss is about get the pattern –> here.

Just in time for the big meal, Tom Turkey placemats that I started this time last year (those HST freaked me out back then but I’ve got them all figured out now).

Last year J and I each chose the fabric we wanted as part of our Mr. Turkeys and then I pieced them all together. Even after messing up the first few cuts, I think both turned out quite well. It was fun to finally have some sort of fall decoration up and I have some plans for next year’s decorations. If you are the crafty sort and want to make one for yourself, its a free pattern offered by Bee In My Bonnet -> here.

Speaking of holidays, here are two Christmas gift sneak peaks that I posted to instagram earlier this week. Please don’t try and guess what they are or who they’re for, it’ll spoil the surprise.

For the first photo, I finally conquered my fear of curves by taking on full circles. And the second photo is to show off my improved ability at matching up patterns and stringing strips together. I know the tail is a bit off but considering how crooked the pattern was to start with, I’m happy with it.

Finally, the piece I’m most excited to have finished, was my Christmas quilt. We even took it out for my first ever quilt photo shoot. I’m hoping there are many more of these in my future (and perhaps, someday, with a better camera than just my cell phone).

I wanted the quilt to have the feel of a traditional Christmas quilt to represent the traditions my family has always had and then its quilted with Scandinavian snow flakes to represent J and his family. So, the two together, make a new tradition for our new family – when the quilt comes out so does the holiday planning, music, and cheer. The importance that I was placing on it is what led to it taking me so long. I didn’t want to mess up so I was afraid of even trying but, in the end, I’m glad I took that deep breath and went for it.

Here’s a closer look at the quilt so you can get a better look at the quilting (there’s a snowflake over each diamond and crosshatch quilting around the border).

It was a cold and windy day so it was a bit of a fight to catch a photo of the quilt not blowing in the breeze. The photo on the left was the most successful photo we caught of the back of the quilt. You can see some of the quilting on this side too.

Everyday since September 10th of this year we’ve been taking a selfie a day to countdown to our wedding, minus a few days that we got tired of taking selfies sitting on the couch (284 days to go!!). It just seemed fitting that we include the quilt in this day’s photo.

Aren’t we the cutest!? Yes I am definitely stealing more of the blanket than what J had but it was super cold that day!

That’s it for my crafty finishes the last two weeks. I have plenty more on my list to complete especially with my Christmas gift deadline being 21 days from now so more pictures coming soon.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my completed book list. Please laugh with me as I say that I read a single book and 2 graphic novels this month. I did play Portal 2 start to finish in less than 24 hours, finish a quilt, work close to 30 hours a week, and keep up on my house chores though so give me a break 🙂 Many of last month’s books I still want to read so I’ve extended their due dates at the library to give me more time. I also have a growing list of books I’ve received for review so I want to give an honest review of those as well. Stay tuned for all that fun.

On Wednesday, since its the beginning of the month, I’ll be sharing my bullet journal (what I had intended to share on the Friday I disappeared) past, present, and future. Hope to see you again and I appreciate your time. As always, you can follow me on Instagram @trekkiechick29 or Pinterest @TrekkerChick29 or Twitter @AimeXAime and check out my etsy shop. Until next time my holiday spirited readers, live long, give thanks, and prosper!

November 2015 Catchup

Hello!! So, going from unemployed/ working in my pajamas from home to standing for 8 hours 5 days in a row is exhausting. I absolutely love my new job, being around fabric all day and hear about all these fun and crafty projects. I’m sure customers get tired of us asking “So, what are you making with this?” but, at least for me, I honestly want to know. My feet are getting used to being used everyday and my hip is getting tough against me using it to balance as I reach across the cutting counter to make the final snips to some fabric (it was hand sized at the worst).

Besides work, though, what craftiness have I been up to? First up, I learned how to make a latte! Okay, so that’s not really crafty but I’m pretty proud of it. You want real craftiness, oh okay. If you insist – I finished my Tolkien swap package:

Map of Middle Earth coffee mug with routes from each of the books
Lembas bread leaf wrap as a coffee cozy to hold some red dragon tea and some chai tea mix
Arwen quote cross stitch and a hobbit hole necklace

I made myself an incredibly unflattering sweater but, my goodness, it feels like wearing a blanket and that is totally okay with me. Please excuse my funky face, I was feeling uncertain with my work but honestly, it was a yard of fabric that I sewed up the sides and cut out a neck hole. Then, since it was longer than I would’ve liked, I chopped off a few inches at the bottom and turned them into kimono style sleeves and sewed them on. 30ish minutes of work and I have my favorite day-off outfit:

Let’s see, I also bought a crazy amount of fabric for Christmas gifts. Well, the fabric isn’t the gift, what I’m going to make it all into will be. I’m super excited to get started on it but I have 2 more swaps to finish off. I probably won’t be able to show too many progress photos of the christmas gift stuff since I’m pretty sure the majority of you readers are those that the presents are going to.

Oh! And yesterday, though technically not crafty, I finally got a chance to go on a real grocery shopping trip, completely cleaned the entire apartment, tried out a new dinner recipe, and prepped 4 overnight oatmeals for each J and I (because we are definitely not morning people). Here’s a few photos from yesterday:

Our bathroom really isn’t this crooked, its just because I had to shoot this photo in panorama so it added a curve to it. I added another Mermaid to the wall from the Mermaid swap (switched out the frame she came in for a shadow box and put a layer of shells in the bottom) and hung fresh new towels. Also, look at how nicely the plants are thriving since this is the only room the cats aren’t allowed into.

Our coffee cart is one of my favorite parts of our home. It used to be split with the top shelf devoted to coffee and tea and the bottom shelf devoted to alcohol. We were running out of room for our coffee cups and we had finally decided to bring J’s college years espresso machine home so I moved to the alcohol to a cupboard and made this cart coffee and tea only. The cart is from Ikea way back when I first got an apartment and I stained it a darker color to better match both my tastes and the rest of my furniture. The wine cork board was an old window from the house I grew up in filled with wine corks collected from McMenamins Edgefield (don’t worry, I did not drink all that wine). I’d eventually like to add a few more wall hangings (Like a Janeway quote about “coffee in that nebula” and a chart about different ways to prepare your coffee).

And, as I mentioned earlier, we ended the night with prepping some overnight oatmeal. We each chose 4 we wanted to try out, you can find lots of fun recipes on Pinterest (or google, obviously). J went with pumpkin pie (pictured), peanut butter and jelly, latte, and . I went for cocoa butter nut, butter nut bread, latte, and cinnamon apple. I ate the cocoa butter nut one this morning and it was pretty tasty:

 1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1tsp cocoa powder, 1/2 banana, and 1/2tbsp chopped walnuts. Mix it all together and put it in the fridge. Bam! It really doesn’t take that long and you could make it hot in the morning but I hate mornings so being able to roll out of bed and just grab some breakfast is pretty fantastic for me. Plus, making lattes takes up my usual breakfast making time and I really like me some fancy coffee in the morning.

In non-crafty news, I’m caught up on Supernatural (actually watching the most recent episode right now). I had to return a few books to the library due to not being able to renew them. I made it through about 1/3 of Armada (and loved it!) so I’m hoping to find it today during our library visit (when a book is recently released or a bestseller, they can’t be reserved ahead of time or renewed). I also started reading Felicia Day’s book last night and I’m loving it too. Its pretty hilarious that her writing is so similar to her acting/ speaking that I can read it in her voice. If you don’t know who she is, you need to look her up, watch a few episodes of The Guild, and fall in love with her as I have.

 I’m working on a schedule for myself so I can stay on track with all my goals while also managing an inconsistent work schedule. I know I fell behind after the first but I’m back on the horse and excited to move forward. That’s all from me for now. As always, you can follow me on Instagram @trekkiechick29 or Pinterest @TrekkerChick29 or Twitter @AimeXAime and check out my etsy shop. Until next time my most wonderful readers, live long, get crafty, and prosper!

Zombie Amigurumi

I would first like to say that I am offering this pattern free but if you don’t crochet or if you just don’t have time, you can also buy one already made (from me!) through my newly opened etsy (I would certainly appreciate the business!).

I made this lil guy, who I call Mr.Zombie, for a zombie apocalypse themed swap while also reading my way through World War Z. I had originally planned to make him look decomposed and all nasty but he began to come together, I switched gears and decided he was going to be a recently turned zombie (as you may see at the start of the apocalypse). I may return to him someday and make the gnarly edits that could only come from surviving the human threat and time spent roaming while your guts hang out but for now he remains cute.

Materials needed:

  • E/4 crochet hook (3.50mm)
  • 2 safety eyes
  • Worsted weight yarn in tan (or whatever skin color you choose; I think a variegated green would be pretty cool too), red, blue (pants), grey (shoes/ belt), pink, and white (shirt)
  • Polyester stuffing such as Polyfil
  • Yarn needle
  • Approx. 3 pipe cleaners (best if in same color as yarn used for skin)

     Stitches used:
  • ssc – single crochet
  • st – stitch
  • dec – single crochet decrease
  • slst – sling stich
This project is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise noted

Ball Joint & Upper Body:

Row 1: Crochet 6 sc in magic ring with skin colored yarn (6)
Row 2: Inc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: sc all the way around (18)
Row 5: [sc, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (12)
Row 6: [sc, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (8)
Row 7: sc all the way around (8)
Row 8: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (12) On the very last stitch of this row, switch colors from skin to white (shirt).  This marks the beginning of the upper body.
Row 9: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (18)
Rows 10-13: sc all the way around (18)
Row 14: Ch1, switch to pink and chain 8, switch back to white and ch 1, skip 2 sc from the body and continue row (2 skipped, 16 sc)
Drop tan and go back to the pink, [ch 1,turn, sc 6] * Repeat * 3x
Slip stitch, clip yarn with a few inches to spare, fold your little pocket rectangle in half and sew the bottom (the row you just finished) together.
Row 15: pick the white back up, stitch 3 sc into your pocket (1 in the bottom side, 1 where you joined the halves, and 1 on the other side), then continue your normal sc around. (19)
Row 16: 1 sc, dec, 16 sc (18) slip stitch and tie off end

You now have the upper body of your zombie complete with inside pocket to contain the guts. I would suggest going back, perhaps with red or pink thread, and sewing the pocket sides closed and to the open sides so you don’t accidentally pull out stuffing or shove the intestines somewhere unretrievable.

Also at this point you can begin stuffing your zombie, making sure the head pivot ball is stiff and, when you fill the body portion, there’s enough room for your pocket.

Legs (Make 2):

Row 1: Sc 5 into magic ring with white yarn. (5)
Row 2: Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1 (7)
Row 3: Sc all the way around (7)
Row 4: Repeat Row 3. (7) switch to blue
Row 5: Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1 (10)
Row 6-8: Sc around (10)
Once you’ve finished the first leg and cut the yarn at a suitable location, repeat for the second leg. 
This time, after finishing the leg, don’t cut the yarn off.  Instead, go through the first sc of the current leg and the ending sc of the 1st leg.
From there, sc around the 1st leg for 8 sc. Sc into the final sc of the 1st leg and the next sc of the 2nd leg (so you will have 2 sc joinng the legs together). Finish sc through the remainder 8 sc of the 2nd leg. In total you should have 18sts.
Sc around (18) Do not cut off the yarn when you have closed this row.

Next, you are going to be attaching the ball joint/upper body to the legs, so stuff the legs to your liking at this point.  After that, sc the two parts together using the grey/black yarn. Finish the row and cut the yarn.

He looks a bit odd right now but stick with it!

Shoes (Make 2):

Shoe tops
To begin, ch 10 and then sl st to connect the loop on your hook and the first ch you made with Grey/ Black yarn.  
(In effect, you are creating a ring out of these 10 sts.)
Row 1: sc around (10)
Row 2: sc around (10)
Row 3: sc 4, inc 2, sc 4 (12)
Row 4: sc 5, inc 2, sc 5 (14)
Row 5: sc 6, inc 2, sc 6 (16)

Shoe soles (Grey/ Black yarn)

Row 1: Ch 4. Skipping the ch closest to but not on the hook, sc into the next chain on the left side of the v made. Then, sc into the next chain on the left side.  You should be left with a single chain at this point.  Sc twice into the left side of the chain and then once into the right side.  Then, moving towards your starting point, sc into the next chain on the right side and then the last chain twice.  Sl st to close row. (8)
Row 2: Inc all the way around.  Sl st to close row. (16)

Attaching the top and sole
Take a length of yarn and go through both loops of an sc on the wider end of the shoe top and both loops of an sc on the sole.  Sc these together and repeat all the way around. 
Then, do the same on the other shoe.


Leaving an inch or so at the end, with red, ch 50, tie off leaving another inch of so

To attach to the zombie, using your crochet hook, grab a loop on the inside of the pocket (if you can pull it inside out, that would work too). From there, tie off both ends of your intestines to the inside of the pocket so that you are left with a red chained loop.

Arms & Hands:

Fingers (4 per hand)
Thumb/ pinkie (make 2): With tan, Ch4. Turn and Sc 3. In last sc, Pull up an inch or so of thread and trim
Longer fingers (make 6): With tan, Ch5. Turn and Sc 4. In last sc, pull an inch or so of thread and trim

I had originally planned 5 fingers/ hand but changed my mind as I began putting the hand together since 4 fit better.

For all fingers: Bend the top of a pipe cleaner (I used red here 1. Because I ran out of tan and 2. So you could see the difference between the pipe cleaner and the yarn a little bit easier) over the top most loop of a finger so as not to poke out of the end or slip out of the finger when attached.

Next lay the pipe cleaner in the center of a finger with the bent end being the top of the finger.
Taking one tail end of yarn, whip stitch the two sides of the finger together around the pipe cleaner.
Finally, clip the pipe cleaner leaving approximately 1/4in at the end for when we attach the fingers to the hand.

Arm (and hand; make 2ish):
Row 1: In tan, ch10. Slst to create a ring
Row 2: sc all around (10)
Row 3: dec, sc 6, dec (8)
Row 4: dec, sc 4, dec (6)
Row 5-7: sc all around (6) *end here for one arm
Row 8: sc all around (6) to continue full arm *for ripped off arm, ch 6 and slst to make a ring
Row 9: dec, sc 2, dec (4)
Row 10-12: sc all around (4)
Row 13: switch to white yarn, stitching only in the outer loops, sc all around (4)
Row 14: Inc, sc, Inc sc (6)
Row 15: Inc, sc 4, Inc (8)
Row 16-17: sc all around (8)
Pull the sleeve so that it flips around the arm, tie off, and weave end to the base of the arm for when we attach the arm to the body

Closing the ripped out arm
In a magic ring using red yarn, sc 6, slst  (make 2)
Using your yarn needle with the red yarn end, whip stitch to arm end by going first through the outer loop of a tan sc up through the top/ outer loop of a sc in the red magic ring. Do this all the way around (total of 6 times), tie off, and weave in.

My nail polish is so on fleek (did I use that word correctly?)

Attaching fingers to hand
First, take a pice of pipe cleaner, make a triangle shaped loop the size of the zombie’s palm, and twist down the length of the arm plus a little extra to poke out the end.

One finger at a time (obvi) wrap the finger pipe cleaner around the top of the arm skeleton pipe cleaner, ending with the sharp end pointing towards the finger (just to avoid poking the future recipient). I put my shorter finger in the corner of the triangle to give it a bit of an angle. At this time you also want to trim up those finger ends to roughly the length of the hand (they’ll act as stuffing; you can certainly add more stuffing if you feel your hand/arm needs a little more life).

Next, pull your pipe cleaner skeleton through your arm so that the hand skeleton slips nicely into place and the extra length sticks out at the sleeve. If you’re having a bit of difficultly getting it through the narrow part of the arm, push your crochet hook through the arm from the sleeve end, wrap your skeleton around the end, and pull through. 

Finally, using your yarn needle and tan yarn, sew the hand shut. When folded in half, the hand should have 5 sc on either side of the fingers (5 of the back of the hand and 5 for the palm) so using those as your guide, stitch through those loops and through the fingers to make them extra secure.

Attaching arm to body
Hook the arm skeletons to the sides of the body along the first row of white, where you want your arms

Now using the white ends left from the sleeves, sew the sleeve/ arm onto the body around the skeleton/ pipe cleaner. I suggest moving the arm around to make sure you completely cover your pipe cleaner so that it doesn’t show (I thought I was done until I moved my arm into the shape I wanted it and I realized I had completely missed a spot)

Keep in mind that it looks disproportionate because that little ball on top is just the pivot ball, not the head. Don’t freak out. You’re doing great!


Row 1: Sc 8 into magic ring using Aran yarn. (8)
Row 2: Inc all the way around (16)
Row 3: [sc, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 4-6: sc all the way around. (24)
Row 7: [sc, dec] Repeat * all the way around (16)
Row 8: sc all the way around (16)
Row 9: [sc, inc] Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 10: Sc counterclockwise all the way around (24) What this technique will do is make it so the “right side” of the crochet switches sides.  The rows you made so far will actually be on the inside of the head and function as a place for the body joint to go into, thus making the head pivotable.
Row 11: (go back to crocheting clockwise) [sc 2, inc]* Repeat * all the way around (32)
Row 12-15: sc all the way around (32)
Row 16: Sc 7, dec 4, sc 2, dec 4, sc 7 (24) *place a marker at the 2nd dec and 6th dec, this is where the eyes will go

Row 17: Sc 6, inc 12, sc 6 (36)
Row 18: Sc all the way around (36)
Row 19: [sc 4, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (30)
Row 20: [sc 3, dec]* Repeat * all the way around (24)
At this point, I’d recommend stuffing the head (just lightly around the pivot) and placing eyes if you’re going to do safety eyes. 
Row 21: [sc 2, dec] * Repeat * counterclockwise in the inside loops only (18) The outer loops will act as a hair line when we add the hair/ head latch.
Row 22 : (go back to crocheting clockwise) [sc 2, inc]  all the way around (24)
Row 23-24: sc all the way around (24)
Row 25: [sc, dec] * Repeat * all the way around (16)
Row 26: dec all the way around (8)
Row 27: dec all the way around (4) tie off and weave in end


Row 1: 6 dbc in a magic ring with pink (or light green) yarn (6)
Row 2: Inc dbc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [dbc, inc dbc] * Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: [dbc, dec dbc] * Repeat * all the way around (12)
Row 5: dec dbc all the way around (6) stuff, tie off, and weave in end. It should fit loosely in the head space at this point.

Make 2 chains of 75+ each, depending on how close you would like your gryi (the convolution of the brain) bound together. I sewed a straight line down the center of the brain to keep me oriented and then started from the magic rings on either side, stitching down the brain chains/ gyrus. I only attached the gyri to the sides (temporal lobe area) and front to back, leaving the bottom flat (thought that’s not what an actual brain looks like). Once everything is stitched down, it should fit snuggly into the zombie’s head.

Top & left = without the attached gyri; Right & bottom = completed brain

Using your yarn needle, satin stitch a nose. I placed mine 1 row below the eyes, 2 stitches in from the eyes, and it is 3 stitches wide. I stitched across 4 times for the desired look of the nose and then tied off the yarn end.

Ears (Make 2):

Sc 5 into magic ring and arrange in half-circle shape.  Attach to side of head along the same row as the eyes.


Row 1: sc 6 into a magic ring with hair color (I used light brown) (6)
Row 2: inc all the way around (12)
Row 3: [sc, inc] * Repeat * all the way around (18)
Row 4: [sc 2, inc] * Repeat * all the way around (24)
Row 5: sc all the way around (24)
Slst, pull the yarn through, and cut off  leaving a long enough end to attach to head.

Attaching the hair to the head
Starting above the ear, where the row from the head was crocheted only into the inner loop, now whip stitch around the front of the head in the remaining outer loop. Only stitch the hair down to the front half of the head so that the back can be peeled back to reveal the brain.


Ch 4 with same yarn as shirt. Turn, dbc in first ch from hook, 2sc, slst to close.   Leave a tail long enough to sew collar to body.

Shirt Buttons
Stitch using yarn needle or find fun little buttons and stitch down with thread. I chose just 2 buttons done with the same yarn color as the shoes and belt.

Ch 4. Turn and sc, ch 1,  slst into the next ch, ch 1, sc into the last ch in the row, ch 1 and slst into the same ch. Pull your yarn through and around to the back of your bow tie and wrap around the center. Tie/ sew in place on the front of your stylish zombie.

You did it! You have a completed Mr. Zombie! Now take him out and let him explore. Here are some more pictures I took of him before sending him to his forever home (since the first Mr. Zombie was the main item in my Zombie Apocalypse themed swap).

Can I haz your brainz, plz?
Either recently attacked or basking in the sunset. You decide.
Worf made the perfect Zombie attack victim

Tune back in on Wednesday (Oct. 28) for some zombie themed books, movies, and tv shows to get you in the spirit of Halloween. Or, if that isn’t your thing, join me on Saturday morning (Oct. 31) as I wrap up the books I read and movies I watched this month and then on Sunday (Nov. 1) for my TBR/ TBW for November. In my attempt at some consistency, I’m going to plan to post something crafty related every Monday, a bookish post every Wednesday, and a misc. category post every Friday (movies you have to watch, journaling/ planner tips, wedding update). Also, the last day of every month I’ll post my wrap up/ what I accomplished then the following day I’ll post the plans for the next month. Make sense? Great! I can’t guarentee that every post will be as lovely and full as this one but I’m working on consistency this month. Bear with me!

As always, you can follow me on Instagram @trekkiechick29 or Pinterest @TrekkerChick29 or Twitter @AimeXAime and check out my newly opened etsy shop. In the comments, leave me a name suggestion for my shop and I’ll announce what the official name is (maybe) next Monday. 

Until Wednesday dearest readers, live long and prosper!!!